Fashion Trend: Virgins Saints & Angels

The edgy world of fashion and the spiritual world combine in perfect unison to create a powerful collection of jewelry known as Virgins Saints & Angels. Rochelle’s is excited to introduce this amazing line to St. Augustine. Started in 1999 in San Miguel de Allende Mexico, self proclaimed earth mother Cheryl “Finn” Finnegan became obsessed with the Virgin of Guadalupe and all things Mexican folklore. She channels her creativity and passion for ancient mysticism into her jewelry. Finn incorporates imagery and symbolism borrowed from life in Mexico. Her jewelry is flooded with religious icons including Joan of Arc, Mary Magdalene, Frida Kahlo and many more.

The combination of crosses, angels, crystals, medallions, rosaries etc. that are prevalent throughout the VSA line are meant to add meaning, mystery, good fortune, and a touch of magic to anyone who wears them. For example, the San Benito Medallion is an ancient symbol of peace worn by those seeking faith, hope, and protection. This medallion is a centerpiece in many of Finn’s creations.

Stylists and celebrities have been wearing VSA jewelry since its inception. It has since evolved into a global trend. So if you’re looking to embrace the spiritual goddess that’s inside you, who is feminine and edgy and powerful all at the same time, Virgins Saints & Angels is the answer to your prayers. All you have to do is “wear it and believe.”

Stop by Rochelle’s at 104 Anastasia Boulevard to view the line. A Trunk Show collection will be available to shop from beginning February 13th through Rochelle’s Happy Hour Event on February 20th from 5-8pm. For questions about Virgins Saints & Angels or our upcoming events call us at 904-810-2208.

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