The scoop on the NuBra

Customers often ask us with a trace of skepticism what the NuBra entails and if it really works. Yes, it really does! It’s a completely backless, strapless “sticky bra” that uses silicone gel adhesive to give you freedom to wear those low cut, backless or strapless outfits. NuBra is made of lightweight, versatile fabric cups and has a clasp in the front that can be used to provide a little more cleavage or can be left unclasped to accommodate low-cut necklines. It’s easy to take care of and lasts! NuBra should be ┬árinsed gently after each use with warm water and gentle soap, then left out to air dry and stored in the travel case that it comes with. It’s discreet, easy to take on and off and does not budge once you put it on! It works for all cup sizes A-D and comes in a lightly padded as well as a super-padded option. Get yours at Rochelle’s ­čÖénubra_logo_mr nubra

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